Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Google’s new sibling!

Google has a sibling in China called ‘Goojje’!

I was not aware of this until this morning. But it made me say wOw!

Now that Google has embroiled in a censorship row with China, it has threatened to leave the country. But now it seems that Google does have a loving sister in China. As soon as it threatened to leave the country, a site popped up – Goojje.

‘jje’ stands for sister in official Chinese language.  Google’s last syllables sound like ‘ge ge’ or brother in Chinese. The mysterious figure behind Goojje (a female college student) writes in the site’s manifesto: “I made Goojje because brother Google was leaving”. The site contains pleas for Google to not to leave China.

The manifesto also notes: “Goojje was born for peace, this internet world has become harmonious because of Goojje’s appearance, and with Goojje the brother won’t be lonely”.

Source: Down to Earth magazine, February 16-28, 2010


Sudhi said...

It is really amazing!

BABA said...

Wow!!!!!! i dint know about that...

Vaishnavi said...

Wonder what Google has to say about this illegitimate little sister!